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I found where anyone asked a question about s/n and age) that I bought secondhand. CMarch, dApril, e-May, fJune, gJuly, hAugust, iSeptember. No, Hagstroms can not be dating a person with herpes dated by the number alone. Hagstrom Retroscape Series H-II Electric Guitar Aged Sky Blue LN 492.79 Buy It Now Free Shipping Retroscape Series H-II Electric Guitar. Vantage Standard VS: five digit. Hagstrom D2H Deluxe Electri. VA-800, ghost (VP-750 no or hard to read serial number. Reply With" hagstrom serialisation each number has a three digit batch number from 449 (1958-59) up to 999 (1977) and then starting at 001 again, followed by another 3 digits which number the instruments within the batch so 670056 will be the 56th instrument. Add to this mix independent switching. The list shows 1959-61 for the "Year" made based on the "Serial Numbers" with a total "Quantity" of 471. Hagstrom was a Swedish guitar maker that exported Goya brand guitars in the late 1950s to early 1960s.

My brown Goya Hagstrom has 466/177 stamped on it which I believe represents the serial number and units made number. Hagstrom ultra swede Electric Guitar with Gig-Bag - golden eagle burst! Known for their quirky switches and easy playability,. This is an original 1960s guitar made in Sweden. Liitä kuvan URL-osoite TAI lataa kuva palvelimelle, ladataan kuvaa, ilmoita sopimattomasta sisällöstä, valitse jokin vaihtoehto alla. Feel free to contact me with any questions about your Goya guitar by sending me the "complete" information (including any zoning or zip codes) printed on the inside label of your acoustic guitars or any outside markings on Goya electric guitars.

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Guitar is in used condition and one of the pic ups was changed out and appears to be non-functional. Sorry got not information on the numbering scheme of current Hagstroms. 7 digit serial numbers, first digit year of production (1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984). 1979 models: 4 digit serial number. Otherwise this is a cool radioactive decay carbon dating guitar in great condition. Guitar plays great and everything is orig. "This is a Viking Model 1 which was made from (batch 791). Resinator board with cool inlays. VS /81: VA-900 series: 6 digits: First digit (0 or 1) year.

Buy It Now 30 watching, vintage 60's Hagstrom guitar made in Sweden. Many thanks, glenn White, reply With", hagstrom acoustic.