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recommending parties. 2.0 Effect Upon Individual Contracts : Any individual contract between the District and an employee dealing with services covered by this Agreement shall be subject to and consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Also, it is understood that assignments need not be limited to one location. Coursework completed under the previous bilingual plan (or passage of the BCC culture and methodology test components) counts toward this requirement. Actual or anticipated declines in student enrollment;.

General linear models edit The general linear model considers the situation when the response variable is not a scalar (for each observation) but a vector,. 14.0 Temporary Assignments :.1 Any personnel, including but not limited to District-Wide Transfer List teachers and contract pool teachers, who are assigned to a given location in order to fill in (directly or indirectly) for a teacher who is on leave with a right.

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A position from which a teacher will retire or resign. (b) Maximum age is to high school completion or to 22 years of age. Teachers, etc., take the chapter chairpersons class for instruction, as applicable and when in the normal rotation of services. A teacher working in more than one location, may vote at each location. Effect Upon Individual Contracts.0, effect Upon District Policies and Rules.0, separability and Savings, iII. "advisors to perform counseling duties. Funding must have been provided for a full-time position in a single school or at one location, or the assignment is for five periods or more in a secondary school, or more than eighteen hours per week in an adult school. In addition, the applicable record of student progress and achievement, comprised of individual STP, school-level AGT and the various non-STP-based multi-measure data sources described in Section.1 above, are to be free dating sites no fees 100 free considered an important but clearly limited part of the overall performance evaluation process. A Specialist Nurse Differential shall be paid to a school nurse who has successfully completed a specialist nurse training program and who is assigned to a health appraisal team to perform designated duties that supplement the regular duties for a school nurse.

how salary impacts dating

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