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stakeholders from a demand group. 5th and 6th April 2016 Linz, austria. The presumption is that you are going to follow up with only the ones you connect with during the exercise. Here are several points to consider:.

In addition to the use of speed networking at conferences, trade fairs, meet-ups or camps, there are also some providers that specialize in different formats of networking or offer it in the context of digital products. . It also occurs informally as a transitive verb, pink-slip, meaning 'to give a termination of employment notice'. Online marketing and affiliate marketing, the idea of speed networking is based on the assumption that personal contact is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as self-employed persons and agencies to establish business relationships. How does it work? In a dedicated speed networking event, people are given a structured environment in which they can talk to people they wouldn't otherwise have come into contact with, and can quickly decide whether there is a mutual interest without the need for polite or unnecessarily long. Some people have likened speed networking to speed dating. Speed networking is intended to simplify the first contact and quantitatively promote it through its special framework. . Relevance to online marketing, in digital industries, speed networking is indispensable for B2B communications such as affiliate marketing, online marketing or round tables from the area of search engine optimization.

Speed networking programs are showing up all around the world. Speed networking programs generally involve people meeting each other one at a time for a short interval and then moving on to the next person in line. I believe speed networking can work if it's done the right way. The selection can take place using questionnaires, which are completed by the participants beforehand. .

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