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samples before you send them. Can I get a preliminary report before all analyses are completed? After we subtract the Pb-210 background from each ml of sediment, we can calculate the total amount of excess (atmospheric sourced) Pb-210 in the core as DPM/cm2. Sampling, where is the best location to collect a core from a lake? Whirl-Pac bags are next best for packing wet samples. . The resolution of core sections depends upon the sediment accumulation rate at the sampling site. Should I send the samples dry or wet? If you request the unconsumed sample material to be returned after all analyses are completed, then the costs will include packing charges and postage (by mail).

The calculation of lead-210 dates assuming a constant rate of supply of unsupported210Pb to the sediment. Do you have any recommendations on the resolution of sectioning the core? This calculation, first described in 1978 by Appleby and Oldfield, is based on the fact that cumulative excess Po-210 below any given depth in a core (DPM/cm2 ) can be compared to the total excess Po-210 in the core and the age calculated for that.

Flett Research Home Page. Please refer to our pricing page for unit prices for all the analyses. Impact and mobilization of metals in acid-stressed lake watersheds. The Po-210 activity may peak slightly below the sediment surface. If the samples will be submitted wet, we will measure the dry bulk density of the sediment (dry./wet volume) before the sediments are dried and analyzed for Pb-210. For the shipment of dry samples, we prefer to receive them in plastic vials. If the sediment accumulation rate is very low (e.g. If samples are sent from outside Canada, brokerage charges (30) may apply. Do you have any requirements for sample submission?

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