dating my daughter 0.14

Terbaru yang berjudul Dating My Daughter Apk, ada satu lagi nih gaess game android bergenre. Here's the changelog: Added small quiz at the beginning of the game for those having the "none" bug. V.0.14 changelog - New banner for extra scenes added. Please send me a message. Fixed F addressing D as a girlfriend on the clothing shop (Day 12) - F kissing Ds pussy during the evening of day 12 was fixed. I hope you dont experience the same issues that I had. This is going to be sie sucht sex mettmann kfi a calm day and almost the entire update will be focused.

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Because of this lost time, I had to i wish i was dating you translate push a few scenes to Day 17 and cancel a special Christmas scene we had planned for you guys. Cara Instal : Download Dating My Daughter, masuk ke Setting / Security / Centang Unknown Source (Sumber Tidak di Ketahui). I couldnt solve it in time for the update so I left it there in the code. Your feedback and continued support has been overwhelming, and myself as well as my team are really excited for what the new year has in store and what we have planned for our game. Replace the old ones. Reworked the whole FP/LP system. There's very little new content, it's mostly code and scenes changes, please read the change-log. D sounded too adult when she spoke to herself and didnt match her personality. Publication Type: License, platform: Windows / Mac / Linux.

Removed the other two job routes - Added limit to the kisses disco. Engine: Ren'Py, language: English, language of the text: English, tabletka: not required. I hope you all enjoy the new update and thanks for your continual support all this time. Instructions: Put the files into the "game" folder. I've already sent them the details of these changes but they haven't replied me back yet.