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Site. In most cases, 80 for http and 443 for https listen 80; server_name m; root /var/www/ph7cms_public_root; index p; #you can use 7; for hidding the *.php. URL rewriting extension module Apache, nginx, LiteSpeed, IIS (for nfig, you have a good tutorial here ). Two-Factor Authentication Option available for Admins, Users and Affiliates Admin Panel - Block Access with IP Restriction Beautiful Code: Very thoroughly commented about what's happening throughout the PHP code, beautiful indentation and very readable, even for non-programmers Anyone can easily contribute to pH7CMS project thanks. You can also directly add the "location" rule instead of including the conf file include /etc/nginx/nf; For more information, please refer to the nginx documentation. We understand your needs better than the larger IT companies, and we can offer more personalized service. Specific Requirement Server has to be connected to Internet. Take a look at some of the web sites we've worked.

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dating cms

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Database MySQL/MariaDB.0.15 or higher. It is also the first Professional, Free and Open Source Social Dating Site Builder Software and the first choice for creating enterprise level Dating Apps/Service or social networking sites. Our online dating software is multi-lingual - your site users will be able to choose any language they like from EN, ESP, POR, DE,. Free outstanding technical Support. We have constructed, written copy for and optimized web sites for many small to mid-sized companies. Composer: Install Composer composer create-project ph7software/ph7cms -prefer-dist ph7cms Sourceforge: Directly download the latest stable version from Sourceforge. Do you need a software engineer like me (and willing to relocate) at your company? Feedback Fully Responsive Templates Memberships/Groups Manager Publishable easily into Android/iPhone/iOS webview mobile app thanks its Mobile-Optimized Templates Multiple-Themes and many customization possible Message templates Multi Themes and many personalizable Includes top html5 features Allow to sign in to your site with Facebook, Google and Twitter. A passionate Belgian software engineer Hire Me At Your Company? Official Website m Documentation pH7CMS Documentation Contributing Anyone can contribute on pH7CMS GitHub repository! Sitemap module, hreflang, possibility to translate each URL. By Request we can include additional languages to our dating script.

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