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thought to work around, but its so worth it when you need to make changes and know that all you need to do is copy straight across. There are a few interesting computations that occur on this tab that are worth explaining. The Committee applies its judgment based on the above definitions of recessions and expansions and has no fixed rule to determine whether a contraction is only a short interruption of an expansion, or an expansion is only a short interruption of a contraction. If possible, stress test each of your assumptions.

The Committee also may consider indicators that do not cover the entire economy, such as real sales and the Federal Reserve's index of industrial production (IP). Also notice how it doesn't give British_MN or Swedish_MN but instead GAC. The Investments tab computes the totals in each type of investment account (e.g. On this tab, you have to update the Withdrawal Rate and Growth Rate assumptions once but then youll never have to update anything again. In both recessions and expansions, brief reversals in economic activity may occur-a recession may include a short period of expansion followed by further decline; an expansion may include a short period of contraction followed by further growth. Similarly, during an expansion, economic activity rises substantially, sie sex sucht paar spreads across the economy, and usually lasts for several years. As soon as youve figured out the general area in which youre building a business, you should have at least a simple model. French Beaker_The_Netherlands,46.6 Balkans_ChL,23.2 Battle_Axe_Sweden,16 Iberia_Central_CA,8 Iberia_Southwest_CA,5 Sidon_BA,1.2 Basically only absent or close to absent in NW Europe. Include a documentation section that notes who developed the model, who last edited it, key assumptions, and which version is currently being used.

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