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has never started. Dealer said it was flooded. I have never been more disappointed in a new product purchase as I was with the BG55.

Read more, m14P M14PF Engines, m14P engines and M14PF, 400 hp We have as stock NOS new old stock M14P. Strengths: Does great job when it works Weaknesses: I have 2, 1 is hard to start but will start and run all day. It is on the Australian register as VH-DZY. I can find no serial number plate, but the cast number on the clutch housing is 1479D, and I found on the front of engine a number 1565 DA, on the rail in front of the radiator I found the number 63776. The Stihl commercial stuff does not really have much more output.

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Easy to start, doesn't need AA meetings like my Echo did (it don't use the Fuel). NY Thu Feb 04 2010 dougdecco at oil filter condor a 350 HI therave A 1976 condor A350 ANM having trouble locating AN OIL filter CAN anyone help please regards doug uk Mon Nov 23 2009 beavan99 at yahoo dot com For sale: Condor A350. Used product for 2-Years Purchased From local dealer Review Reviewed by: Old Stihlowner Review Date 4/1/2017 Overall Rating: 1 Reliability: 1 Performance: 1 Ease of Use: 1 Accessories: N/A Summary: I have owned a Farmboss 0it has never failed. Expect to constanlty fight to keep the vacuum running. Alex Thompson wrote on Monday, August 09, 1999 (PDT I am looking for a air cleaner, starting tank, and the throttle rodds for a Farmall ease Help! Larry flanagin wrote on Friday, May 16, 2003 (PDT I have A 1927 regular IM rebuilding that WAS MY dads NOT being RUN FOR 45 years IT IN pretty good shape Tim Olding wrote on Saturday, April 05, 2003 (PST I think that I have. Starts great with warm engine. And where can i go to get info on it, like what tests were preformed on it and how many were made. Although it did not have the same power, it was reliable.

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