russian dating scams

(or any more money) to the person in question. Back to FAQs The ScamPrint Analysis was not able to find any matches to my penpal's letters online. By Matt (USA " I agree wholeheartedly with people who have written here about Russia and how safe it is, the friendliness of the people, the warmth, etc. Visa and air-fares scam.

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Requests like " Hey, check these pics for. Do NOT use unknown agencies and agents! When they ask for money, send them to the bank a few times - give them an imaginary money transfer number (Western Union has 10-digit numbers; MoneyGram - 8-digit numbers). Do her photos need to match for her to be real? We have never seen any scammers being able to employ any kind of physical retaliation against anyone so far. Most importantly of all, the time and money they spend on you cannot be used to make money someplace else. This is because the money transfer can be picked up at any location within the country or even in another country,.e.

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